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Image Processing Engineer

At IntuiTap Medical, we are eliminating the guesswork, frustration, and pain from spinal needle placements. VerTouch, our handheld, easy-to-use device, combines tactile imaging and needle placement to enable accurate placement of needles for lumbar punctures, epidurals, and spinal anesthesia.


This is a technical role in a mature start-up environment, responsible for both supporting the core technology of the company’s first product and also further developing the technology for next generations of the product. The candidate will work directly under the Director of Engineering and the CTO and in collaboration with the rest of technical team, both at IntuiTap and a contract manufacturer. The ideal candidate will apply knowledge of sensing technologies, and medical imaging software and electronics to optimize the performance of IntuiTap’s products. This is a full-time position, located in the team’s R&D headquarters at mHUB in Chicago.

Principal Responsibilities
  • Develops software to support optimization of image acquisition, processing, and visualization. 

  • Communicates with clinical collaborators to understand clinical imaging needs. 

  • Applies knowledge of sensing systems to enhance image output. 

  • Supports contract manufacturer in firmware development and integration related to the imaging system. 

  • Supports refinement of the imaging graphical user interface. 

  • Offers software assistance for bench, usability, and clinical testing. 

  • Leads analysis of data from image-performance testing, documenting and summarizing results, as necessary. 

  • Commits to communicating technical progress to the rest of the team with a regular cadence. 

  • Contributes to Design History File assembly and maintenance, including generation of software and other requirements. 

  • Contributes to further development of the product, as laid out in IntuiTap’s product roadmap. 

  • Provides concepts and documentation toward expansion of company’s IP portfolio. 

  • Supports development of technical proposals for future grant applications. 

  • Keeps abreast of latest developments related to tactile imaging. 

  • Works compliantly within the company’s quality systems. 


  • MS or higher in a relevant engineering discipline such as computer science. 

  • Minimum of 3-5 years of software development experience, after graduation. 

  • Deep knowledge of techniques for image processing, including machine learning. 

  • Proficiency in Python and/or C programming. 

  • Familiarity with sensing systems.  

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills targeting technical and non-technical audiences. 

  • Team player that enjoys working in a collaborative team culture, and is comfortable contributing in many different ways in a fast-moving environment. 

  • Familiarity with start-up environments. 

  • Experience working in the regulated medical device industry. 

  • Previous systems engineering position. 

  • Experience working with piezoresistive sensors. 

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