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IntuiTap eliminates the guesswork, frustrations, and pain from spinal punctures.

The Problem

Spinal punctures are inaccurate and inefficient



The current technique requires physicians to palpate the patient's vertebrae and blindly insert a needle. This method is highly unpredictable and unreliable resulting in first attempt successes in only 40-60% of cases. 





Inaccurate needle placement and multiple insertion attempts increase the likelihood of complications such as post dural puncture headaches, improper placement and injection of a drug, and contaminated fluid samples rendering them useless for diagnosis. 





The uncertainty of the procedure can often result in a delay in treatment and patients occupying valuable beds for hours at a time. Over 45% of patients requiring a spinal tap in the ED are sent to radiology. This causes significant bottlenecks and results in increased and unnecessary costs to the healthcare system. 

The Solution

Our device, VerTouch, integrates mapping of the spine with needle guidance to help physicians get where they need to go on the first try. 



VerTouch uses tactile imaging to allow visualization of patient's lumbar anatomy in form of a 2D color map on an integrated display. Difficult and challenging anatomies are imaged with minimal effort.



VerTouch projects onto the screen exactly where the needle can be placed with respect to the anatomical landmarks. This allows the physician to visualize precisely where they should place the needle for optimal success. 




VerTouch has one of the shortest learning curves of any imaging device on the market. In our IRB-approved study on more than 100 parturients, all users were able to correctly interpret the image within 3 minutes of first-time use.

Our Team

Meet the IntuiTap team...


Co-founder & CEO

Jessica leads the business development efforts at IntuiTap, where she devises the company's overall strategy. She was recognized as a leader in healthcare by Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017. Jessica was trained in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and has a strong foundation in product development. She has product management experience in a wide range of applications, including custom prosthetics, medical devices, and consumer goods. 


Co-founder & CTO

Nicole leads the technical development and regulatory planning at IntuiTap. She was also recognized as a leader in healthcare by Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017. Nicole has a background in biomedical engineering, physics, and art from Columbia University. She has extensive experience in hardware and software development for a variety of medical devices. Nicole's specialties include biomechanics, neural engineering, and signal processing. 



Xavier is a radiologist trained at the National Center for Image Guided Therapy at Harvard. He has a business education from Harvard University and Rice University and is committed to medical device innovation, development, and commercialization with an eye towards improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.  As a radiologist, he regularly performs spinal needle placements.

YASHAR GANJEH, PhD, Co-founder & Lead Clinical Engineer

Yashar leads the clinical user outreach efforts at IntuiTap, where he regularly interfaces with the key clinical stakeholders, making sure that the product development remains congruent with the user needs, while identifying new needs for future product enhancements. Yashar has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University Of Michigan who brings over fifteen years of experience in research and design.


GEOFF D. HUTCHINS, Director of Engineering

Geoff has more than 30 years of experience within the medical device industry. He has a passion for product innovation and development combined with a clear understanding of the quality and regulatory environments. He is currently using this broad background as the Director of Engineering at IntuiTap Medical. Geoff is also a Board Member of MD Angels, the largest physician-based angel investment group in the Midwest. 

Interested in joining our team? Check our our open positions here

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News and Updates

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HOUSTON, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- IntuiTap Medical, a cutting-edge medical device company with technology poised to change the spinal tap, announced today the closing of their Series A investment round. The transaction was led by The Pink Ceiling, IntuiTap's largest investor, and Curate Capital. 

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